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Ahmad Idham buys tickets for reporters

Writer: Peter Chai

Ahmad Idham bought movie tickets for the media to watch "8 Jam" at Cathay Cineplex.

12 Jul – Being the catalyst in the local movie industry for years, award-winning director Ahmad Idham has always been credited for his effort in promoting local productions to the Malaysian media and audiences. However, this time the filmmaker had to buy tickets for the reporters to view his latest thriller "8 Jam" because Metrowealth, the producing company and distributor of the movie did not organise a media preview for it.

On 5 July, the first day screening of "8 Jam", Idham bought 30 tickets for the media to watch the movie at the Cathay Cineplex in Mutiara Damansara.

"As a director, I need the review and feedback to identify weaknesses and improve on future films. I was surprised that Metrowealth did not have a media preview for the movie. I felt responsible for my fellow media friends who have been supporting my directorial career. That's why I invited them by myself to watch it," said Idham as quoted by The Star newspaper.

There were rumours that the situation was caused by the alleged unfriendly encounter between Idham and David Teo, the CEO of Metrowealth International Group (MIG).

"I have carried out my responsibility over the time that we had worked together. If I had caused any problems, I am ready to sit down and talk with him," said the 41-year-old director.

"I'm just a director. As a producer, MIG has its own right to decide whether to hold media viewing for the press or not. Whatever I've done today is not a move to aim at the situation," he added.

"8 Jam" features the story of a young man who needs to prove his innocence in eight hours and it stars Shaheizy Sam as the male lead, as well as Yana Samsudin, Kartina Aziz, Lydiawati, Fimie Don and Erynne Erynna.

"8 Jam" is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

Cinema Online, 12 July 2012

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