Walk With Me

With her father being a drug addict and her elderly mother a busy nurse, a young woman lives a lonely existence in a loveless family. She starts seeing a little girl in braids following her around, after one of the tenants at her rented place gets attacked by the spirits he keeps and moves out. She is also often bullied by her manager at work and her father at home. Having no one to turn to, she resorts to asking a strange doll for help dealing with her bullies. When they end up killed in strange ways, she fears that the doll might be responsible.

Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: English / Malay / Chinese
Classification: P13
General Release Date: 03 Oct 2019
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Running Time: 92
Cast: Michelle Wai, Alex Lam, Qi Yuwu, Anna Ng, Richard Ng
Director: Ryon Lee
Format: 2D