Wedding Diary

Wedding Diary

Pictures taken on 21 April 2011 at Peach Garden Sichuan, Miramar Hotel, Singapore.

Say hello to the cast & director of "The Wedding Diary"! Ok, it's now time for my close-up...

With the two leads, funnyman Aniu and the lovely Elanne Kwong, roar!

Legendary Hong Kong actress, Kara Hui. She said I was cute!

Mr. Director Adrian Teh, will you sign me up for your next movie?

What-choo lookin' at Jack Choo? I'm right here!

Seeing red? Nah, that's just Maggie Theng in my lucky colour.

Marcus Chin said he's a Leo, which means we're both lions! Notice the resemblance?

3 rising stars (myself included), Chris Tong and Shaun Chen!