Cinnamon learns "Tai Chi"!

Cinnamon learns "Tai Chi"!

Photos taken at the press conference of "Tai Chi O" on 1 October 2012, at Fullerton Hotel in Singapore.

Here I am at the press conference of "Tai Chi O"!

Can I take this poster back to Malaysia?

The host.

My tai chi masters have arrived!

Stephen Fung looking cool as always.

Yuan Xiao Chao looks very tense during the interview.

Three-time Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor Tony Leung Ka-fai is staring at me. How lucky I am!

Tony is such a joker!

Do I look weird to you, Stephen?

Let's pose!

Don't forget to watch how Tony Leung teaches Yuan Xiao Chao the fundamentals of tai chi in "Tai Chi O"!

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