CO Movie Day: "The Angry Birds Movie"

CO Movie Day: "The Angry Birds Movie"

She is a self-proclaimed Red while he's Bomb, both are fans of "The Angry Birds Movie".

11 May – No doubt everyone is familiar with the popular "Angry Birds" game and fans have been anticipating the movie adaptation of it.

Cinema Online readers were lucky enough to win preview passes to watch "The Angry Birds Movie" two days before everyone else in the country.

When asked, most unanimously said it's because they enjoyed the game, therefore they would definitely enjoy the movie.

Fans lining up for their passes.

These lucky winners are collecting their passes for the movie.

One of the winners, Arfah Hazie Radzran, said, "I like the game. I want to watch the movie first, if it's good, I'll bring my nieces to watch it."

In "The Angry Birds Movie", Red ends up in an anger management class, where he meets fellow Angry Birds, Chuck and Bomb. Life on the idyllic Bird Island is turned upside down with the arrival of a Pig pirate ship. Red, Chuck and Bomb go in search of legendary saviour, Great Eagle, to save the island. When that proves to be a fruitless attempt, it is up to Red to teach an entire civilisation how to get angry and plan an attack on Piggy Island.

Some of the winners who are excited for the movie.

There's no doubt these non-angry people are here for "The Angry Birds Movie"!

The audiences were definitely entertained by the movie as evident by the loud guffaws all throughout the screening and the happy faces seen walking out from the theatres afterwards.

"The Angry Birds Movie" flies into cinemas on 12 May 2016.

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