Victorious Viking Films

Victorious Viking Films

KRU Studios' Malaysian-made Viking flick "Vikingdom" is a huge stepping stone in the movie industry set by the local filmmakers. The studio's first international feature film consists of acclaimed international actors such as "Prison Break" star Dominic Purcell, "Tekken" star Jon Foo and Natassia Malthe from the film "DOA: Dead Or Alive".

Other than that, the film also follows the always anticipated themes of fighting Vikings at war, immortal Gods and stunning battle choreography. "Vikingdom" should be watched by fans all over the world who crave a big budget Viking film, and to prepare yourselves before the big watch, we provide you with some of the favourite Viking films made for film.

The 13th Warrior (1999)

Like "Vikingdom" the 1999 Viking film encountered several delays and mishaps during the production, but "The 13th Warrior" seemed to have had a lot more challenges including extensive reshooting and even a title change (it was once called "Eaters of the Dead").

Though the production did suffer, the Antonio Banderas film about an exiled Arab ambassador during the 10th century who, along with his servant joins a group of Vikings on a mission to stop demonic creatures wreaking havoc on the populace did leave viewers wanting more.

"Outlander" (2008)

"Outlander", starring Jim Caviezel, tells the story of when Vikings reigned and when a man from a far-off world crash lands on Earth, bringing with him an alien predator known as the Moorwen.

The Viking film mixed with science fiction makes this one worth watching. Jim Caveizel, who starred in the controversial film "Passion of the Christ" played the futuristic time-traveller in the Viking ages and "Hellboy" star Ron Perlman plays a Viking rival with lousy etiquette.

"How To Train Your Dragon" (2010)

A fun family friendly Dreamworks animation about a hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons and becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself has captured audiences' hearts.

Who says Viking films should always be bloody and brutal? The animation with voices by Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill and America Ferrera received rave reviews and even two Academy Award nominations! Look out for the sequel "How To Train Your Dragon 2"!

"Asterix And The Vikings" (2006)

Speaking of great Viking animation, some of the great cartoon visuals we first saw of Vikings were definitely the "Asterix" graphic novels. Produced in France and Denmark, the story of the film was adapted from the graphic novel "Asterix and the Normans" about the adventures of the beloved Vikings.

The story has seen some changes from the original comic book. For example, the journey in the comic takes place almost entirely in Gaul whereas in the film it takes place in Norway. Characters like the strong-willed daughter of Timandahaf, Abba, Justforkix's father and Doublehelix were only mentioned in the books but were featured characters in the film.

"Valhalla Rising" (2009)

Nicolas Winding Refn, who had directed cult film hits like "Pusher", "God Only Forgives", "Bronson" and "Drive" also directed his own Viking film in 2009. But like his other films, "Valhalla Rising" is a film with an extreme amount of blood and violence.

"Hannibal" and "Casino Royale" star Mads Mikkelsen plays the lead as One Eye, a mute warrior of supernatural strength who has been held prisoner by the Norse chieftain Barde. Aided by boy slave Are, One Eye escapes and begins a journey into the heart of darkness.

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