Why we love Quentin Tarantino

Why we love Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is a movie director who is notoriously known for his bizarre personality and antics that probably contributed to the eccentric genius of his own films. Watching him in public at interviews, red carpets and award shows are entertaining enough on their own, let alone his film. In conjunction of the release of "Django Unchained" in Malaysia and Singapore soon (14 March in Malaysia, 21 March in Singapore), we share some of our favourite Tarantino moments that we appreciate as much as the quality films he's given us.

"Because it's so much fun, Jan!"


Why we love it: An interview conducted by the irritating 'Jan' of Kron 4 News had Quentin burst out in so much anger and annoyance he screamed "Because it's so much fun, Jan!" at her after she asked him why he needed to show "so much gruesome and aggressive violence".

Even after Tarantino's calm approach to try to explain how girls will feel empowered after watching "Kill Bill" (we do feel that it was empowering) and how even parents should take kids to see it if they wanted to, he finally lost his calm when Jan wouldn't stop pressing him about the gory nature of the film.

Tarantino no doubt has been asked about the question of violence in his films more than a few times, and his amusing response was worth that horribly one-sided interview.

The spit take

Why we love it: During this year's Golden Globes, when Quentin's name was announced, he took a drink of champagne and took an unexplainable spit-take. And the cameras managed to show it live on screen!

Who really knows why he chose the exact time his name was mentioned to spit out his drink (and at a prestigious awards ceremony!), but it is absolutely hilarious and we appreciate him for it.

Cameos in his own films

Why we love it: With him constantly casting himself in his own films, Quentin Tarantino would probably rather be an actor. But since his appeal to the masses is his writing and directing, it is probably not advisable for him to quit his day job.

Though, it never stopped him from being in his own films like the role of Jimmy in "Pulp Fiction", a scalped dead Nazi in "Inglourious Basterds" and even a confusing foreign cowboy character in "Django Unchained" which sounded half British and half who knows what.

Jon Stewart once interviewed him after he filmed "Pulp Fiction", asking Tarantino if he slept with the director to get a good role." To which he responded with, "I gave him a handjob."

Dancing on the red carpet

Why we love it: This moment was so precious when Quentin decided to dance on the red carpet for the premiere of "Inglourious Basterds". Melanie Laurent who played Shosanna in the film also joined in the fun.

The sudden burst of happiness during the moment makes us love Quentin even more, as he proved that not all red carpets have to be boring.

"Peace out!"


Why we love it: At the most prestigious awards ceremony for film, Quentin Tarantino seemed a bit dazed when he got up to accept his Best Screenplay award for "Django Unchained". He went on to say some barely understandable things in his acceptance speech, resulting in confused looks caught on camera on Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington.

To end his speech, he decided to pull out a peace sign and say, "Peace out!" before exiting. Host Seth MacFarlane later made a joke about cocaine with a sly smile on his face.

The "Pulp Fiction" dance lesson


Why we love it: While promoting "Django Unchained" in Britain, Quentin Tarantino did a very informative yet highly entertaining demonstration on how to do the twist, "Pulp Fiction" style, at the Graham Norton Show.

He first showed us how to do Vincent's (played by John Travolta) dance with aggressive and vaguely stiff movements, then he explained how he took inspiration from the Disney cartoon film "The Aristocats" when the 'Zsa Zsa Gabor cat' danced. He then proceeded to show us how Mia Wallace (played by Uma Thurman) danced with her fragile and feminine steps and hand gestures. The other guests that included Alan Davies and James McAvoy just stared at him, bewildered and amused.

"I'm shutting your butt down."


This moment isn't as funny as the others, but Quentin showed us how to deal with people who you do not want to deal with anymore as bluntly as possible. And it is awesome.

During an interview with a journalist Guru-Murthy, Quentin first tried to calmly speak about the violence in his films when being asked, but as Guru-Murthy decided to pester and prod the director even further, Tarantino decided that was it.

Guru-Murthy decided to compare violent films with the Sandy Hook massacre, and Tarantino called it 'disrespectful'.

Not only did Tarantino's rage include the words, "I'm shutting your butt down," but it also included things like, "I am not your slave, and you are not my master", "I'm not your monkey" and "If anyone cares what I have to say about it, they can Google me, and they can look for 20 years on what I have to say about it."

Let's see if any other journalists want to take him on next time.


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