Must see "Frozen" parodies!

Must see "Frozen" parodies!

Olaf: Do you want to hear a parody? It doesn't have to be a parody.

As weeks have gone past since Disney's animation "Frozen" release, the hype surrounding the movie especially the songs don't seem like they would thaw anytime soon. Since the heart-warming tale about two princesses has inspired loads of viral videos, we bring you some of the best of what's out there! You just have to see it, come on, let it go:

Zac Efron in "High School Musical" sings "Let It Go"

"This High School Musical" song of Zac Efron performing "Bet On It" overlapped with "Frozen's" "Let It Go" is so emotionally over the top that it's completely hilarious!

Jimmy Kimmel's 'Unnecessary Censorship' inspired

Comedian Jake Vale inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's "This Week In Unnecessary Censorship" segments, makes the innocent "Frozen" into something really really foul with its implied censored curse words.

YouTube singer Serena's "Let It Go" frustrated lyrics


Why are Disney songs so so hard to sing! YouTube singer, Serena gave new lyrics for "Let It Go" after being frustrated how most Disney songs are written for singers with absolute perfect vocal range, making them almost impossible to sing-a-long too.

Comedy group Barkada sings "Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend?"


"Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend?" is what a comedy group, Barkada wants to ask. Putting a twist to "Frozen's" playful "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" They've done it right (or creepy) for ladies seeking/stalking their other halves out there.

Mr. Freeze in "Batman & Robin" sings "Let It Go"

If the video above was too 'cutesy' for you, then watch a sombre Mr. Freeze (Yes, in full Arnie accent) sing "Let It Go" to Batman and Robin in this undeniable mash-up we knew had to happen! Hello, Mr. Freeze - Frozen?

Captain Jean-Luc says "Make It So" for "Star Trek: First Contact"

Trekkies out there are also not sparred from the wrath that is "Frozen". Parodying the song "Let It Go" to "Star Trek: First Contact", it makes use of Captain Jean-Luc Picard's favourite line, "Make It So".

"Let It Go" goes with a "Space Jam" remix

Using the tune of the popular '90s animated hit "Space Jam", this mash-up by Quad City DJs called "Let It Slam" is just out of this world!

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