Top 5 Characters in a Christmas movie

Top 5 Characters in a Christmas movie

Remember Kevin McCallister?

Well, the most celebrated festival in the world is just around the corner and this means more Christmas movies too!

More often than not, movies with a festive theme often does well at the box-office where in the spirit of joy and holidays, even a dreadful movie gets away with a decent turnout.

But now, we are about to list down five iconic movies that gave birth to stellar characters that are remembered until today.

This diverse list of characters covers them all, from the ever charming Macaulay Culkin, the kid from "Home Alone" to a young but hard-hitting Bruce Willis in "Die Hard".

1. Kevin McCallister from "Home Alone"

Okay, if you need a description for this character or you don't know what film this is, better stop whatever you are doing right now and go watch this movie immediately. Or you can just wait a few days and it will surely be aired on one of the TV channels this week, as such is the magnitude of the film. In fact, a Google search on 'the most overplayed Christmas movie' would also show the film as the first suggestion, and it's all a huge thanks to Kevin. Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) plays an adorable yet genius 8-year-old-boy who in a bizarre circumstance was left home alone and had to set booby traps to fight two mischievous burglars. Kevin's adorable yet naive characterisation coupled with his ingenious ideas on using household items to ward off the burglars earn him a place in our top characters in Christmas movies list.

2. Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare before Christmas"

It's a Tim Burton Christmas film, do we need any more reason than that? Well, the movie sees Christmas from the point of view of Jack who is the "Pumpkin King" of Halloween Town, a fantasy world based solely on the Halloween holiday. Upon discovering that there are other festivals too, he falls into the Christmas world and gets acquainted with the idea of Christmas. The way the movie tells the magic of Christmas from a Halloween King's point of view and the emotions involved in celebrating a festival is something that can only be imagined by Tim Burton. But credits go all to the way Jack Skellington who portrayed the role of someone who is fierce yet kind at heart. The scene where Jack and Sally sit together realising that relationships and happiness are far beyond festivals and holidays is evergreen. Considering that the movie came out 23 years ago but the name of the character is still fresh in our minds, Jack Skellington most definitely deserves a spot in the list.

3. Grinch from "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"

Another clever take on Christmas where a Grinch, some green cynical monster who hates Christmas tries to stop the celebrations of the festival at all cost. The Grinch played by Jim Carrey does all he can to stop Christmas to the extent of stealing all the gifts overnight and throwing them down from a mountain. Further down the movie we realise what made the Grinch as such and how it needs someone to console its broken heart. As simple as it may sound, the character reflected Christmas in such a way that it's a day not enjoyed by everyone and there are people that the society has put aside from these celebrations. Grinch also shows that it is the society's duty to make a home for these outcasts and show them the real beauty of Christmas. Due to this amazing message portrayed through a green monster, the cynical character gets a place in the list.

4. Buddy from "Elf"

One of Will Ferrell's best where he plays Buddy, a human child who is raised in the North Pole along with other elves. Upon realising that he is not an Elf but a human, Buddy sets out to find his parents but he ends up finding himself in trouble. Buddy's naïve heart and innocent actions that are mistaken as disturbance in our world is funny but at the same time thought-provoking. It is a surprise that Will Ferrell makes thought-provoking movies, but in this one he really did and the last scene where the whole of New York comes together to help Santa is a Christmas classic. Due to the reason that Buddy reminds us of the true nature of a human and how naturally clueless and kind we humans are, it's only fair for the character to be included in the list.

5. John McClane from "Die Hard"

Oh well, some of you might argue that this is not your typical Christmas movie but in a list where Jake Skellington is considered a Christmas character, John McClane (Bruce Willis) from "Die Hard" has to be accepted. Think about it, the movie takes place during the Christmas celebrations and McClane is the 'Santa' that saves us, but only exception is the gift he brought for us is freedom from the terrorist attack. Plus, who can forget that iconic taunt at the villain that merges both Christmas and action into one, "Now I have a machine gun, ho-ho-ho!"

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