The dazzling cast of "Now You See Me 2"

The dazzling cast of "Now You See Me 2"

Are you ready for some magic?

Set one year after "Now You See Me", the Four Horsemen have reunited and are back to dazzle with their latest tricks.

But when the Horsemen are magically kidnapped by a trick from another magician, they are dragged into another web of twists and turns, in order to stay alive, but not without playing mind games of their own.

Aside from the Four Horsemen, there will be old faces who will be returning to the sequel, but that doesn't mean there won't be new magical rivals and adversaries too.

So don't blink, or you will miss who will be in "Now You See Me 2".

Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel "Danny" Atlas

Leading the Four Horsemen is Danny Atlas, played by Jesse Eisenberg, with his fast talk and even faster fingers. But his real forte is his flashy illusions that he will need to survive the Horsemen's latest assignment to snatch a software, not without any help from old friends.

Woody Harrelson as Merritt / Chase McKinney

Woody Harrelson is back as Merritt McKinney, the eldest of the Four Horsemen, master of the mind and self-proclaimed psychic, much to the dismay of his card skills (even with practice) though. Harrelson will also be pulling double duty for the sequel, playing also as Merritt's long lost twin brother Chase McKinney, a ruthless mercenary who works for a new employer and absconded with his brother's money and fame.

Dave Franco as Jack Wilder

There should be a spoiler alert for those who have not seen "Now You See Me", but the surprise was already revealed in the trailers, so we are going to skip that. Make no mistake, Dave Franco's card slinging Jack Wilder is not coming back in a flashback, but would be alive and well for the sequel. How did that happen we will let the movie explain, but it's good to see one Horsemen coming back!

Lizzy Caplan as Lula May

But one Horsemen who is not coming back is Henley Reeves, who has to be absent due to Isla Fisher's pregnancy when the sequel went into production. However they found a new replacement in Lizzy Caplan's Lula May, who is an illusionist with a few tricks up her sleeves as the only woman among the four.

Mark Ruffalo as Agent Dylan Rhodes

The Horsemen's handler and mentor, FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes, played by Mark Ruffalo, is back with a new assignment for the Horsemen, before they are whisked away to Macau under magical circumstances. Safely working behind the scenes in the first installment, Rhodes will meet his match this time, forcing him to take extreme measures that could have larger consequences.

Jay Chou as Li

Taiwanese mega pop star Jay Chou returns to Hollywood with a new appearance in "Now You See Me 2" as Li. An avid magician himself, Li is an old friend of Danny and a supplier of the equipment that will be needed by the Horsemen to pull their heist. But he is more than just a bag of tricks.

Daniel Radcliffe as Walter Mabry

Grown up Daniel Radcliffe is not waving his wand as Harry Potter anymore, but he will be a different kind of prodigy for "Now You See Me 2". Radcliffe will play as Walter Mabry, a technological wizard who has had his company stolen, and with the help of Marritt's twin mercenary brother, is able to 'convince' the Horsemen to give a little payback. Mabry won't be acting on his own, however, as he is just following orders of someone much wiser.

Michael Caine as Arthur Tressler

Not only is he Mabry's father, but also a vicious businessman who refused to pay the insurance money after Agent Rhodes' father died in a magic trick gone bad. "Now You See Me 2" continues its tradition of flipping our expectations of an actor's role, and we can't wait to see a calm and corrupted Michael Caine make life miserable for the Horsemen.

Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley

Put behind bars by the Horsemen previously, Morgan Freeman's retired double-crossing magician is not quite out of the game yet. How he would get out from custody is best explained in the movie, but don't make the mistake of being fooled by this wise magician and his clever mind tricks.

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