5 reasons "Office Uprising" is not another zombie film

5 reasons "Office Uprising" is not another zombie film

(L-R) Karan Soni, Jane Levy and Brenton Thwaites in "Office Uprising".

Don't you just hate when you're stuck in the office because of a long-winded, last-minute meeting or... the horror of all horrors: the dreaded OT?

Well, "Office Uprising" is clearly not the kind of drama aimed to explore how depressing an office life can be. Instead, this movie by "Braven's" Lin Oeding actually revolves around a small group of office workers forced to survive a... zombie invasion!

Here are the 5 reasons why you might want to go watch this movie at the cinemas right now!

1) A promising ensemble cast in the horror genre

(L-R) Kurt Fuller, Karan Soni, Brenton Thwaites and Jane Levy in "Office Uprising".

Believe it or not, most of the principal cast in "Office Uprising" have prior experiences in horror movies. Brenton Thwaites may have known for appearing in Hollywood blockbusters like "Maleficent" and "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales", but the Australian actor, of course, first made his mark in Mike Flanagan's supernatural horror, "Oculus" alongside Karen Gillan of "Guardians of the Galaxy" fame back in 2013. Other actors in this movie like Jane Levy (2013's "Evil Dead" remake), Karan Soni (yes, the fan-favourite Dopinder from the "Deadpool" movies) had a role in a horror movie called "Creep 2", and veteran character actor Gregg Henry is best known for the 2006 cult classic, "Slither". Given the calibre of their performances, it would be interesting to watch them sharing the same screen together in "Office Uprising".

2) It has the making of a cult horror movie

A scene from "Office Uprising".

If you are a horror fan, you should be familiar with that little movie called "Splinter" released a decade ago. The aforementioned movie, which involved "The Thing"-like deadly parasite, was a low-budget cult classic co-written by Ian Shorr. Now, with his creative input as one of the screenwriters in "Office Uprising", it would be nice to see what he has to offer. Will it become a cult horror movie just like "Splinter"? Given the potential of "Office Uprising's" zombie-centric action comedy premise, we sure hope so.

3) A refreshing change of pace from Lin Oeding

Zachary Levi plays the creepy boss in "Office Uprising".

Lin Oeding is hardly a household name in mainstream Hollywood. After all, his only feature-length effort so far was this year's "Braven", the low-budget action thriller starred in by Jason Momoa. "Office Uprising" would mark the veteran stunt coordinator-turned-director's first foray into a horror genre. Whether or not he's qualified enough to helm a horror movie is another question. But one thing for sure, his extensive background in the action and stunt department, it does give him a chance of executing some well-choreographed violent set-pieces.

4) A potentially fun setup within a single location

A scene from "Office Uprising".

What do zombie movies like "Splinter", "Pontypool", "[Rec]" and "Night Of The Living Dead" have in common? All of these cult classics took place in a single location! Some of you might be wondering why is it so interesting placing (hapless) characters in a single location? One of the biggest advantages of doing so is that it allows the director to stretch their creativity in building a sense of escalating dread or a claustrophobic tension within the confines of a limited setting. With "Office Uprising" taking place within the office building and the fact that it aims to be in the realm of a horror comedy, you can imagine how much of grisly fun it's going to be!

5) Two words: zombie comedy

A scene from "Office Uprising".

"Bride Of Re-Animator", "Dead Alive", "Warm Bodies", "Zombieland", "Shaun Of The Dead"... you name it, these are some of the familiar zombie comedies that are well-received by critics and genre fans one way or another. It goes without saying that zombie comedy is one of the most popular horror subgenres among many fans and even general audiences. And if Lin Oeding along with his promising cast and crew manage to make this right, "Office Uprising" might have a shot of becoming one of the most entertaining zombie comedies ever seen in recent memory.

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