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Lunar New Year movies coming in February

Writer: Casey Lee

Which of these are you going to watch?

This Chinese New Year is going to be busy, not just from the feasting, visiting relatives and giving excuses for why you are not married, but also with all the movies in cinemas.

One perfect way to escape from all those social (and dietary) obligations would be to disappear into another world for a few hours in the cinema, and with the amount of movies aimed for release during the festive season, you could be hiding away for more than an entire day!

So, if you are looking to spend some of your hard-earned ang pow money in the cinemas, here are the movies you could be spending it on.

Monster Hunt 2

After separating from his human parents, Wuba is on the run again as a bounty is placed on him and a new lord takes the throne of the monster kingdom. During his escape, Wuba is taken care of by Tu, an ill-fated gambler who is up to no good to clear his debts. This Chinese New Year wouldn't be short on the CG coloured fest and nothing gets the ball rolling than Raman Hui's sequel of the 2015 adventure, this time with the added benefit of Tony Leung, starring alongside returning Bai Baihe and Jing Boran.

General Release Date: 16 February

The Monkey King 3

After angering the River God, Tang Sanzang and his disciples drift into Xi Liang before realizing that it is an all-women kingdom. While their arrival is met with curiousity by the women who have never seen anyone else since its founding, it also fulfills a dangerous prophecy that could spell doom for the kingdom. Aaron Kwok returns in costume and CG make-up for the third consecutive Chinese New Year as the legendary Sun Wukong into what is turning into a tradition of watching classic epic adventures during Chinese New Year.

General Release Date: 15 February

A House of Happiness

Since he's been developing Alzheimer's, Uncle Shui has become a short-tempered man who barely remembers that his wife had died and has a son working in the city. When Shui's caretaker, Ha Gu, can't stand his temper anymore, the son, Liong Gor is forced to come back to keep his father company. Things take a turn when Shui meets a woman who looks like his late wife, and Liong Gor is keeping a secret from his family. The local production of Chinese New Year movies are in full force this year, and this entertainment exercise from the DJs of the 988 radio station are out to bring some New Year cheers with a little help from Hong Kong in the cast. Directed by JY Teng, this would be a comedy trip down memory lane of simpler times with plenty of fart jokes.

General Release Date: 15 February

Operation Red Sea

A Chinese military elite force is sent to evacuate Chinese citizens from North Africa where a coup has erupted. While taking heavy casualties from attacks by the insurgents, the Jiaolong Assault Team learns that the insurgents have also got their hands on materials to build a nuclear warhead. If you aren't going to be a satisfied with the small cracks of firecrackers then it might be worth immersing yourself with the extravagant explosions of Dante Lam's next action vehicle. Based loosely on the Chinese evacuation of its citizens during the Yemen civil war with a heavy dose of military jingoism (everyone deserves their own Michael Bay), this is certainly a way to celebrate your Chinese New Year with some emphasis on the Chinese part of the equation.

General Release Date: 22 February

Wonderful Liang Xi Mei

Life could not be better for Madam Liang Xi Mei as she takes care of her two grandsons, has friends like an absent minded Guang Dong Po, and an Alzheimer's stricken Lion King who bring much trouble and excitement to her life. When Madam Liang places her hopes on her younger son Albert, it drives her elder son Robert to be envious as he seeks the help from the God of Fortune in a get rich fast scheme. Also making a return to making Chinese New Year movies for the occasion is Singaporean director Jack Neo, who puts on his wig to also star as his alternate persona; the titular Madam Liang from the Comedy Night variety show. So if you have friends from across the causeway who want a little piece of home when they visit Malaysia, they would be able to catch it in our cinemas.

General Release Date: 15 February

The Ex-File 3: The Return of the Exes

After breaking up with their girlfriends, Meng Yun and Yu Fei are enjoying their freedom as bachelors. Meanwhile, the exes are trying to move on from their former lovers or are they trying to get back at them for the bad romance? It's hard to get married because the dating game is hard, or at least that's what this glitzy sequel from director Tian Yusheng is trying to portray. But if millions of Chinese in China are making this a blockbuster hit, it just might be saying something right?

General Release Date: 1 February

Think Big Big

Moon, a plus-sized girl with bigger dreams of wanting to be an astronaut one day, is living a carefree life as a mascot for a theme park. When she is forced to join a weight loss programme broadcast over social media, she becomes a social media mascot for netizens who want to see her transformation. It's been years since we got a family friendly Chinese New Year from director Chiu Keng Guan, and all that attention being paid on self-loving and not self-loathing on your weight, may want to make you shamelessly gorge yourself with those Chinese New Year snacks.

General Release Date: 15 February

A Beautiful Moment

When an aging and eligible playboy bachelor believes he has found the love of his life, he proposes to the young girl to marry him. As wedding preparations begin, the bachelor soon finds out that his fiancee's stepmother was his first love and a love triangle forms as he has to sort out his true feelings. See? Love and marriage is complicated, especially when it involves a love triangle with your future mother-in-law. This romantic comedy by director Patrick Kong is for the ones still finding love, starring Carina Lau, Michelle Wai, and Simon Yam. Also getting caught in the crossfire are Ivana Wong, Philip Keung, Bob Lam, Natalie Tong and Alex Fong.

General Release Date: 15 February


To strengthen his family's bond without the distraction of the online world, Fai takes his family to a remote campsite to be one with nature. However, their family trip becomes a distraction of its own when Fai's condescending father and troublemaking brother joins in, as Fai has to live with his memories of the place where he first proposed to his wife. Undoubtedly some families would be spending their Chinese New Year away from home to escape from the hustle and bustle that comes with New Year obligations. If you are envious of what a good time they would be having, you could console that they could be having a time like Fai in this family comedy by Johnson Lee.

General Release Date: 22 February

Amazing Titanman

When an alien arrives on Earth with ill intentions, it sparks a wild search to make sure that the alien doesn't destroy the world. You may not have heard of Jaguar Lim and his "Zombie and the Lucky Exorcist" from 2015, but that hasn't stopped the local director for making his New Year contributions with this sci-fi comedy. Managing to spend a little more on a green-screen and even securing a guest appearance from Namewee, this is a movie to catch for those who want to see what are the best and worst that this Chinese New Year season has to offer in cinemas. We wouldn't take anything away from this movie for effort, and who knows it might reach its own cult status like "The Room" of local Chinese New Year movies.

General Release Date: 22 February

 Agent Mr Chan

Once the top agent sent to bust criminal masterminds, Mr. Chan was removed from duty when a subordinate unwittingly offended their superior, Ms. Shek. 20 years later when a new criminal known as the Cyber Goddess starts a new crime spree, Mr. Chan is forced back to duty, much to the chagrin of Ms. Shek, who he has to report under. There may be a certain audience that are still looking for a TV-budget parody of the Bond franchise that is almost 30 years too late, and that is where Jeff Cheung's comedy fits in perfectly. At least, it couldn't get any worse by having TVB big names Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh in the lead.

General Release Date: 15 February

Cinema Online, 04 February 2018

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