Movies Not to Miss: February 2019

Movies Not to Miss: February 2019

Which of these are you going to watch?

February should be a busy month for cinemas with Chinese New Year, Valentine's and the Oscars. Sadly, with exception to the first reason, titles that are coming out this month has very little to do with the other two reasons. Still, there's still plenty of reasons to be going to the cinema this month, especially if you are a horror or animation follower. On the other hand, if you are looking for those Chinese New Year movies, we have it on another list.

So, if you planning to bring your family or your date to the cinema this Valentine's or Chinese New Year, here are your choices for the movies not to miss this February!

Alita: Battle Angel

Planned since 2000 and could have James Cameron sitting in the director's chair if it not for "Avatar", this American adaptation of Yikito Kishiro's manga finally found its wings with "Sin City" director Robert Rodriguez was brought in as replacement. Despite its uncanny reception towards lead actress Rosa Salazar's eyes when the first trailers popped up, early reviews suggest that this might not be the doom-to-fail manga/anime adaptation that we had to endure in recent years. But we must admit, having Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein and Michelle Rodriguez in the cast might have helped it a little bit.

General Release Date: 5 February

LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Since its breakout release in 2014, the world has become more awesome with every release set in the LEGO universe, and we hadn't notice that it has been 5 years since the first LEGO Movie. This time, the LEGO citizens of Bricksburg are invaded by the children's line of Duplo, led by their Queen Watervra Wa-Nabi and General Sweet Mayhem, who has taken Emmet's friends as hostage. Seeking to rescue them as he goes into space, Emmet bumps into Rex Dangervest, galaxy-defending archaeologist, cowboy and raptor trainer, as they go into the Systar System. All the best of the voice cast from Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Charlie Day, Alison Brie, Nick Offerman, and Will Ferrell return as your favorite characters in the first one, and especially Chris Pratt who performs double duty as Emmet and Rex. Adding to the lineup is Tiffany Haddish and Stephanie Beatriz who will voice the villainesses from the Systar System.

General Release Date: 7 February

Happy Death Day 2U

While we were expecting a rehash to 2017's "Happy Death Day", director Christopher Landon somehow manages to make a bigger puzzle by having its main character caught in another time loop with new stakes. This time without the original killer in the picture, the babyface murderer is on the prowl for Theresa and her friends, and we are quite keen on seeing where this sequel can take this series to be its own franchise. This may not be the ideal date movie, except depending on how you feel about your ex.

General Release Date: 14 February

Misteri Dilaila

If you want to keep your Valentine a little creepy and more relatable, then maybe you can go with the local "Misteri Dilaila", which has Zul Ariffin and Elizabeth Tan as husband and wife, going on a vacation at Fraser Hill. When Elizabeth goes missing, she returns in the form of Sasqia Dahuri. Directed by none other than Syafiq Yusof who may be trying to be Malaysia's own M. Night Shyamalan, the production quality and the cast, which also includes Rosyam Nor and Nam Ron, is already making us have questions that needs answers in this mystery thriller, and maybe make a few couples cancel that vacation to Fraser Hill.

General Release Date: 21 February

The Prodigy

We've seen a few heart-warming movies about child geniuses and the struggles their parents have to go through to raise them the right way. But what about a child genius who is growing up to plot your murder? "At the Devil's Door" and "The Pact" horror director Nicholas McCarthy returns to make his next feature length to stoke our fears of having children, who not only wants to kill you, but is also smarter than you. Child actor Jackson Robert Scott is being added to the creepy children list, who was one of the children in the "It" remake.

General Release Date: 21 February

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

We've had a few years when one comedy actor takes a serious role and pull a performance so profound that it goes straight into the Oscar race. For 2018, that year was Melissa McCarthy's, who portrays a once renowned biographer who resorts to literary forgery to revive her writing career. Although we would already know if she wins the Best Leading Actress award, among Best Supporting Actor for Richard E. Grant and Best Adapted Screenplay, by the time this movie is released, it is still one of the few award contenders that we would get to see in our screens before or if the other contenders make it to our screens.

General Release Date: 28 February

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel - II Lost Butterfly

The second instalment in the Heaven's Feel trilogy makes it entry to Malaysian screens shortly after its release in Japan. Continuing where "Presage Flower" left off with Shirou being cut off from the Holy Grail War, this is the next entry that Fate/Stay fans have been waiting for and only for the most informed Fate/Stay fan. But if you like seeing the impressive battles that can only be produced by studio ufotable, the mesmerizing soundtrack of Yuki Kajiura, or been waiting to see this battle anime take its darkest turn, then you won't be forever alone in cinemas.

General Release Date: 28 February

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