Meet The Famous Humans Playing Animals in "Dolittle"!

Meet The Famous Humans Playing Animals in "Dolittle"!

There's going to be a lot of talking animals in "Dolittle".
There's going to be a lot of talking animals in "Dolittle".

When John Dolittle is summoned by the queen to find a cure for her, the eccentric doctor and veterinarian will be travel through high seas and mythical islands. However, he won't be alone on this adventure as he will be accompanied by a whole zoo of animals, and Dolittle will be the only one who would be able to talk with them.

"Dolittle" has a cast that is as impressive in front of the camera as those who will be voicing behind it, so here's a little zoological guide on who will be playing as the animals, and see if you can recognise them.

Emma Thompson as Polynesia

Dolittle's closest friend in the animal world and his right-hand parrot, this blue and gold macaw has seen herself as the matriarch of Dolittle's little animal family and even to Dolittle himself. Regal and vain, Poly is the closest that Dolittle has as the voice of his conscience, even more so since his wife died. She is voiced by Emma Thompson and will not take much of Dolittle's foul moods.

Rami Malek as Chee-Chee

Ever since he was rescued by Dolittle, the young mountain gorilla has been a playmate to Dolittle, especially in his favorite game of mouse chess. Although shy and becomes anxious without his security blanket, Chee-Chee is also playful and strong. Rami Malek will be letting out his inner ape as Chee-Chee.


John Cena as Yoshi

A reliable friend who would take the plunge for anyone, you won't be seeing much of John Cena voicing this polar bear. Oddly enough, Yoshi hates jumping into icy water and much rather be finding a good sun spot that he claims to help with his poor circulation.



Kumail Nanjiani as Plimpton

Cowardly ostrich Plimpton finds nothing is better than hiding his head whenever he feels anxious towards...pretty much everything. Thanks to Dolittle helping this Kumail Nanjiani-voiced bird to sort through his daddy issues (and the powerful effect of endorphins), Plimpton often serves as Dolittle's mighty steed (although he does complain a lot about the weight) and is the frenemy of Yoshi.

Octavia Spencer as Dab-Dab

An American Pekin who thinks she is bigger than anyone else and likes to boss the other animals around, despite her size. Dab-Dab, voiced by Octavia Spencer, is also the only duck in the world that has a wooden foot and a very poor short-term memory, but will protect her family intensely.

Tom Holland as Jip

Purebred royalty, Jip makes up for his terrifically poor eye sight with his overdeveloped sense of smell. Loyal and trusted as a good dog can be to Dolittle, Tom Holland's Jip may not be joining the dangerous adventures where he has a good chance of losing his thick glasses, but he is given the just as equally important job to guard Queen Victoria until Dolittle returns with a cure.

Marion Cotillard as Tutu and Selena Gomez as Betsy

Claiming to come from a proud line of uncatchable desert foxes, Tutu is the leader of the Fox Resistance and is a wanted fugitive in three forests. Riding on top her partner, Betsy, Tutu is the most pragmatic in the group and always comes up with the most cunning plans with Poly. Voiced by French actress Marion Cotillard, who better than to cheer Tutu's favourite line: "Vive la resistance!" when she charges into the fray, along with Betsy.

Tutu's fellow outlaw, and quite an escape artist who have found sanctuary in Dolittle's backyard, Betsy the giraffe is never afraid of danger. Kind and chatty on the outside, on the inside Betsy is also wildly brave and voiced by Selena Gomez.

Ralph Fiennes as Barry

Not all animals will be friends to Dolittle as he embarks on his dangerous journey. There will be ferocious animals who would like nothing more than to make a meal out of the human, such as Barry the tiger with his gold-tipped fangs, and deliciously voiced by Ralph Fiennes.

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