"Marvel's Ant-Man" gets into action in new stills

"Marvel's Ant-Man" gets into action in new stills

With Marvel's tiniest superhero about to land on the big screen soon, Marvel has released a dozen new stills that show fans exactly what to expect from the movie.

"Marvel's Ant-Man" follows con-man Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), who has to embrace his inner-hero and along with Dr. Hank (Michael Douglas) – the man responsible for the discovery that enables one to get the abilities of an ant; which is to shrink in size but greatly increase in strength – plan a heist that may just save the world

"Marvel's Ant-Man" creeps into cinemas this 16 July. Before then, satisfy your Ant-Man cravings with these new stills:

Ant-Man leaps into action with his just-as-tiny allies.

Ant-Man back to "man size" instead of "ant size".

Not a good day to be Ant-Man.

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