"Lights Out" and 13 other terrifying movies of all time

"Lights Out" and 13 other terrifying movies of all time

To coincide with the highly-anticipated release of "Lights Out", see our brief intro and expectations of "The Conjuring's" James Wan produced horror as we also handpick the 13 most terrifying movies of all time that sends cold shivers down our spines!

"A Tale of Two Sisters" (2003)

This South Korean horror is about a strange family involving a pair of siblings and their father's new wife, their stepmother. When Su-mi is brought back home after treatment at a hospital, she encounters weird happenings at her family's secluded estate and the antics of their stepmother who has secrets of her own. "A Tale of Two Sisters" is a classic example of what you get when Asian horror is done right. A twisted family story, hidden secrets, plot twists that you didn't see coming and not forgetting the must-have long haired woman ghost to deliver plenty of spine-chilling scenes.

"Shutter" (2004)

In the same category of great Asian horror like "Ringu" and "Ju-On", Thai horror "Shutter" delivers all the right kind of scares that will keep you up at night. The story begins when a photographer, Tun, and his girlfriend, Jane, hit a woman on the road while driving back to Bangkok. Freaked out by what they just did, they escape the scene of the crime. Soon, a ghostly woman starts appearing in every photograph Tun takes and after being haunted by the woman they left on the road, the pair return to the accident scene to confront what happened that night only to find more things that start unravelling.

"The Exorcism of Emily Rose" (2005)

Approached from a courtroom drama standpoint, this horror film follows the arrest of a Catholic priest named Father Richard Moore who is linked to the death of 19-year-old Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter) who died of supposed self-inflicted wounds and malnutrition. As the legal proceedings unfold, the deterioration of Emily is told in flashbacks with scenes showing when she gets possessed at three in the morning and there are plenty of those which are quite powerful with its scare factor rivalling that of "The Exorcist".

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