Local Tamil film "Jhangri" goes all out for love

Local Tamil film "Jhangri" goes all out for love

Love can be an unpredictable and strange thing, but once it hits you, you will give your all to protect it. Locally-produced Tamil movie "Jhangri" follows young man Vikran as he sets out to win the heart of Jaanu, a girl who publicly announces her hatred towards him in an attempt to stop their arranged marriage. Take a look at the photos from "Jhangri" – already showing now in cinemas – before rushing off to your nearest cinema to find out if Vikran manages to capture Jaanu's heart.

Judging by the intense gaze, something big is about to happen.

Uh oh, no good thing can come from that facial expression.

It must be scary being held alone at such a big and empty warehouse.

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