What movies should you watch at the Japanese Film Festival?

What movies should you watch at the Japanese Film Festival?

The arrival of the Japanese Film Festival each year is always met with welcoming anticipation. The 14th edition of the festival this year brings in a total of 14 Japanese titles for the big screen and they encompass a variety of genres to pick from! Whether you want to catch Takumi Saitoh's directorial feature "Blank 13" or see him star in "The Projects", you can also catch some decent comedies in the form of "Samurai Hustle Returns" and "ReLIFE". Anyway, read on to find out what are the films on offer this year so you can make your choice on what to catch before they move on to the next location! CLICK HERE to get more info on the festival and check the cinema showtimes for all the 14 movies!

"Survival Family"

What is it about:
Imagine a typical modern family that is perpetually dependent on technology until one day there is a sudden global blackout and they have no choice but to flee for the countryside.
Why you should watch it:
Maybe this film will open your eyes as to how we are so dependent on technology as told by the country that makes most of your gadgets.

"Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High"

What is it about:
Ambitious Teiichi Akaba wants to be prime minister of Japan and rule an empire someday, but first he has to overcome all kinds of whacky obstacles in his high school for the student council presidency.
Why you should watch it:
If you liked Hollywood's high school comedy "Election" starring Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick which has a similar premise, then chances are you would love this too. After all, lead Masaki Suda is a hottie.

"The Long Excuse"

What is it about:
When author Sachio's wife dies in a bus crash, he feels no sadness due to his passionless marriage. But then Yoichi, who also lost his wife in the same crash is devastated and somehow the paths of these two men cross to seek their own recovery.
Why you should watch it:
The film stars Masahiro Motoki as a leading actor once again after his Oscar-winning film "Departures" (2008).

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