What movies should you watch at the Japanese Film Festival?

What movies should you watch at the Japanese Film Festival?

The arrival of the Japanese Film Festival each year is always met with welcoming anticipation. The 14th edition of the festival this year brings in a total of 14 Japanese titles for the big screen and they encompass a variety of genres to pick from! Whether you want to catch Takumi Saitoh's directorial feature "Blank 13" or see him star in "The Projects", you can also catch some decent comedies in the form of "Samurai Hustle Returns" and "ReLIFE". Anyway, read on to find out what are the films on offer this year so you can make your choice on what to catch before they move on to the next location! CLICK HERE to get more info on the festival and check the cinema showtimes for all the 14 movies!

"The Projects"

What is it about:
After a tragic loss an elderly couple move into a public housing complex. There they are surrounded by their nosy neighbours that are only brought to fever pitch when there is a sudden disappearance of the husband thus attracting the police.
Why you should watch it:
You think a comedy film about an old couple might be boring, but think again as the story is more than meets the eye.

"Tora-san of Goto"

What is it about:
In this insightful documentary filmed over 22-years, cameras had followed this family in the Goto Islands of Nagasaki where the patriarch runs a udon noodle business with his wife and seven kids.
Why you should watch it:
If you like Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" which is a story about a fictional family spanning 12 years, then you'll love this even more as it is based on a real-life family.

"Tsukiji Wonderland"

What is it about:
This documentary is about the world's most popular and largest fish market, Tsukiji, and it provides an inside look at how the place is ran by the hardworking people behind it.
Why you should watch it:
If one has ever been to Japan or has plans to, then one knows that Tsukiji is a must go to place. So what better way is there to learn about Tsukiji then this in-depth story before it permanently relocates to Toyosu in July 2018.

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