CO Movie Day: "The Predator"

CO Movie Day: "The Predator"

Actresses Yasmin Hani and Dynas Mokhtar were among the lucky "Predator" fans who got to catch "The Predator", the latest instalment of the franchise, a day earlier than everyone else. They were joined by Cinema Online readers who won the tickets to the premiere screening held at GSC 1 Utama last Wednesday. Aside from getting to watch the movie, fans also got to take photos with the cosplayers invited by Cinema Online to further liven up the excited atmosphere of the evening. "The Predator" is now showing in cinemas nationwide, so no worries if you didn't manage to watch it during the screening. Those who were at the screening, scroll through our gallery below and see if you can spot yourselves in our photos!

Actress Dynas Mokhtar hopes that "The Predator" will be better than the previous
movie as it seems to be more action-packed!

Elli Suraya Binti Rozlee watched the previous movies, so she's curious to see how
the story will continue in "The Predator".

Choo Zi Heng and his friends are also big fans of the "Predator" franchise.

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