Charlie Hunnam attempts prison escape in "Papillon"

Charlie Hunnam attempts prison escape in "Papillon"

"Papillon" pairs up Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek as convicts Henri "Papillon" Charrière and counterfeiter Louis Dega. The duo meets at a prison on Devil's Island. The prison is notorious as a place impossible to escape from but that isn't about to stop Papillon from attempting his own prison break. If you haven't seen the movie in cinemas, scroll through the photos below to see what you can expect from "Papillon".

Charlie Hunnam stars as the eponymous Papillon; the nickname meaning butterfly is derived
from the tattoo on his chest.

Rami Malek plays Louis Dega, convicted of fraud and later forms a lasting friendship with Papillon.

Papillon's girlfriend Nenette (Eve Hewson) bidding him a teary goodbye.

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