CO Movie Day: "Knives Out"

CO Movie Day: "Knives Out"

The critically acclaimed "Knives Out" has yet to open in Malaysian cinemas, but several lucky Cinema Online readers who won our screening contest got the chance to watch the movie yesterday evening! When asked prior to the movie screening, largely everyone – be it the ladies or the gentlemen – was looking forward to Chris Evans and Daniel Craig's roles in the movie. Most were, of course, also intrigued by the interesting whodunit story. If you were one of our lucky winners, scroll through our gallery below to find your photo from yesterday's screening of "Knives Out":

Nur Syafiqah's reason to watch "Knives Out"? Her "boyfriend", Chris Evans.
(She'd have to fight with everyone else that evening who also claimed him as their boyfriend).

Masnira (R) and her sister were also looking forward to the cast's performance,
especially the ever-in demand Chris Evans and Daniel Craig.

Aside from the obvious Chris Evans and Daniel Craig, Nur Faizah said she was also
very curious to find out who is the killer.

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