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"Satte": a non-linear crime thriller revolving around a gun

Writer: Stephen Andre Richard

Set to open with a bang this 28 February is "Satte", a non-linear crime thriller revolving around a missing gun and the two young men responsible for its mysterious disappearance. The two men are small-time gangsters Aiyavu, who dreams of becoming the next big gangster, and his best friend Mani, who always stands by him no matter what. They work under Veera Anna, who handles the city's organised crime for the underworld lord, Periya Anna. One day, Aiyavu is tasked by Veera Anna to dispose of a gun. He instead keeps it for a few days and one morning, he wakes up to find it missing. Now he and Mani have to retrace their night before to find the missing gun before their boss hears about it. Here's some sneak peek before you catch the movie in cinemas nationwide:

Lingeshvaran Maniam stars as Aiyavu and Kuben Mahadevan as Mani.

Haridhass S. plays Periya Anna, the underworld lord of the entire city.

Senthil Kumaran Muniandy is Veera Anna, the gangster Aiyavu and Mani work for.

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Cinema Online, 27 February 2019

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