Cinema Online's 20th Anniversary: "The Lego Movie 2" screening

Cinema Online's 20th Anniversary: "The Lego Movie 2" screening

In conjunction with Cinema Online's 20th anniversary celebration, our lucky fans and readers were given the chance to catch the preview of the highly anticipated animated film "The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part" at TGV Cinemas 1 Utama yesterday evening. Those in attendance not only got to watch the movie a week earlier than everyone else but they were also lucky enough to get to pose and snap some awesome pics with cosplayers from The Ultimate Cosplayers. More than 10 cosplayers were present for the crowd of fans and excited little kids to take photos with. Those of you who didn't get to join the fun, fret not, here's some photos from the event and see you at the next Cinema Online 20th Anniversary screening!

A Lego cosplayer Lego excitedly taking a photo with the Cinema Online 20th Anniversary card.

Two happy kids taking a photo with Emmet, Batman and Joker.

Iman Firdaus has high hopes for the second movie, since he was highly
entertained by the first movie.

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