The iconic hairstyles of popular celebs and characters

The iconic hairstyles of popular celebs and characters

Sometimes a person, be him/her real or fictional, wears something so iconic that he or she will forever be associated with that certain style. Our focus today is specifically hairstyles. Every decade, there will always be a haircut that will stand out among the rest. It's sometimes popularised by fashion-forward celebs, and sometimes it just became popular because it's something their characters have spotted for so long that it's basically became their signature look. Without further ado, check them out below!

The well-loved Princess Diana inspired many not only with her kindness but
also her iconic short hair. After cutting it short during a 1990's "Vogue"
photoshoot, the late royalty had kept with the style since (Photo source: Hello Magazine).

Elvis Presley wasn't just The King of Rock 'n' Roll, he was also the king of hairstyles.
This slick, jet black quiff will forever be as iconic as his songs. By the way,
he had to dye his hair black since his original hair colour was sandy blond
(Photo source: Mirror UK/Getty Images).

When people say "The Beatles", they're often referring to either their songs or their
just as influential mop-top. Bieber's famous combover most likely took a hint from the
hairstyle popularised by the 1960s band (Photo source: Central Press).

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