Movie snacks you can make and enjoy at home

Movie snacks you can make and enjoy at home

With almost everyone forced to stay at home now, most people find themselves with plenty of time to spend catching up on TV series or movies, both new and older releases. And what's the fun of binge-watching without some snacks to munch on? Here we list down several easy to make recipes (time to get some groceries delivered if you're missing the ingredients!), some are wholesome snacks for the whole family, some are more suitable for adults only. Choose wisely and enjoy the snacks!

For the more sophisticated audience, try your hands at making a homemade version
of the Pink Champagne Marshmallow – has the recipe.
Or if you prefer jello over marshmallow, scroll down to the next entry. user Jessica Hill shared the recipe for these Champagne Jello Shots on the website.
Perfect for couples who want to keep things fancy on date night, these shots even
have edible glitter just to make the evening glitzier.

Grab a bunch of different flavoured M&M's (or any candy of your choice) and pour them all into one bowl.
The fun is in not knowing what flavour you'll be getting every time you reach for one! Just make sure no one is
allergic to anything in the mix, you don't want to be going to the hospital in the midst of the current pandemic.
(Photo source: Washington Post).

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