A look back at Sean Connery's iconic portrayal of James Bond

A look back at Sean Connery's iconic portrayal of James Bond

For most people, 31 October means trick-or-treats and Halloween candies, for "James Bond" fans, that particular day in 2020 will forever be known as the day that the original star of the highly popular film franchise passed into the next life. Sir Thomas Sean Connery, often credited professionally as just Sean Connery, passed away at age 90 last weekend, though no cause of death has been revealed to date. The Scottish actor was the first to portray the eponymous suave spy of the "James Bond" franchise, his portrayal so loved that he went on to reprise the role another six times. Let's take a moment to remember Connery in what, to many, is his most iconic big screen role.

Here's another first for a Bond movie.1965's "Thunderball" was the first in the franchise
to have a runtime of over 2 hours. (Some cinephiles saw this length as excessive back
then but it's pretty much the standard for blockbusters nowadays.) Connery is seen
here – with the late Bond girl Claudine Auger – not as buttoned up as usual.

Connery's Bond took on a more 'exotic' persona when the spy went undercover
as a Japanese fisherman in 1967's "You Only Live Twice".

"Diamonds Are Forever" but Connery reportedly had no intention of returning to the
Bond franchise after this 1971 movie, in which he played the spy impersonating
a diamond smuggler.

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