Challenging "Misteri Jalan Lama"

Challenging "Misteri Jalan Lama"

Director Afdlin Shauki and lead actor, Hans Isaac, at the Gala Premiere for Misteri Jalan Lama at Cathay e@curve.

As an actor and a director who dares to be different, Afdlin Shauki once again ventures into the unknown in his latest film, titled "Misteri Jalan Lama", which definitely stands out from his previous works. This fantasy film has a sombre tone to it which is the first of its kind in his directorial resume, and boasts a renowned cast, among which is the dashing Hans Isaac. It has been a while since Hans' last feature film appearance, but he is back, and fans can look forward to his superior acting skills once again. Cinema Online took the opportunity to meet up with the two good friends, as well as to interview them on their latest collaboration.

Cinema Online interview with Afdlin Shauki and Hans Issac conducted recently at the Gala Premiere of "Misteri Jalan Lama" at Cathay, e@curve.

Q: Hans, can you tell us about your role in "Misteri Jalan Lama"?
Hans: I play Indra, the brother to Ilya, who is played by actor Que Haidar. It was easy because Indra has a lot in common with me, as I am also a stubborn person. Indra, as a whole, is a realist and close-minded brother, because of his disappointment and grudge against his father.

The director of "Misteri Jalan Lama", Afdlin Shauki.

Q: What were some of the obstacles that you both had to go through throughout the filming of "Misteri Jalan Lama"?
Afdlin: For me, the main obstacle is during filming, when I fell sick and was admitted to the hospital for a few days. Coincidentally, we had to shoot an important scene for the film at that time. But I am thankful that Hans was able to take over my job and helped me to direct the scene.
Hans: Then my biggest obstacle would be when I took over Afdlin's job. At that time, I was only learning about what it takes to be in the director's seat, but I tried my best. Every time we finished filming, I would go to the hospital to show Afdlin my work and obtain his opinions on whether they are okay. I was afraid that what he wanted, what he envisioned, I was not able to achieve. Besides, there is also the fact that I could not shave my beard for two months. I also had to drink a lot of water to bloat my stomach and boost my physique.

Q: Afdlin, what made you decide to make a film like "Misteri Jalan Lama", as you are known for making comedies and family films.
Afdlin: I am really interested with the fantasy film genre as I was raised with fantasy stories. Actually, I have wanted to make a fantasy film for a while. In this film I have also inserted comedic elements and family themes, but I focused more on the relationship between brothers.

The lead actor of "Misteri Jalan Lama", Hans Isaac.

Q: Can you tell us about your work relations with Que during the filming?
Hans: My work relations with Que are fine, except sometimes he tends to lose focus. On days that I was directing, I needed to tell him to focus because this film does not only involve him. But Que is a very good actor.

Q: Do you both have any comments about Que's absence during this premiere and his work in "Misteri Jalan Lama"?
Afdlin: As an actor, he has done a great job, so I don't have any negative comments about him. Further, there is nothing wrong with him being absent today. I really do not have any problems with him because it is an honour to be working with great actors. I myself categorize him as one of the great ones in Malaysia. I like him as an actor, but if he disagrees, I can't do anything. What's important is that my film is finished. I say thanks to the other cast members who came.
Hans: Que has performed his job well in this film. But I am disappointed that he does not want to act anymore because we are losing a great actor.

Q: Why did this film take so long to be released?
Afdlin: This film took a long time because there are various scenes that involved CGI. To create and direct CGI is very difficult and takes a long time.

Q: What are your hopes for "Misteri Jalan Lama"?
Afdlin: I hope that this film will be successful and well-received. This is a very important film in my career as a director because it is my first sombre film, and it is outside of my comfort zone.
Hans: I'm with Afdlin. I hope that this film will be a success and well-received. "Misteri Jalan Lama" is an exciting and noteworthy film.

Q: Thank you, Afdlin and Hans.
Afdlin and Hans: You're welcome.

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