Peter Dinklage the snarky villain

Peter Dinklage the snarky villain

Peter Dinklage is the lead villain in "X-Men: Days Of Future Past".

Unbeknownst to many, Peter Dinklage has been appearing in films since 1995, but only after two long decades in the scene he now finally gets his biggest cinematic break to date for "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" as Bolivar Trask, the creator of the Sentinel robots that seek to destroy the mutant race.

Casting the 44-year-old in a prominent role as the lead villain in the "X-Men" universe, are rather big shoes to fill for a little person in Hollywood, heck, even for any actor for that matter, but it comes as no surprise really, as Dinklage has been on a never ending road of recognition thanks to his acclaimed role as Tyrion Lannister in the hit TV series "Game Of Thrones".

As snarky as he is on the show (oh, and he is rather hilariously snarky in real life too!) he proves that despite the limitations that may be imposed by Hollywood for an actor, his talent and versatility showcased side-by-side amongst the star-studded ensemble of the film is one that is inspirational to say the least.

Cinema Online had the pleasure of experiencing Peter Dinklage's much loved snarkiness as he tells us how he felt joining such a huge "X-Men" production, his future in "Game Of Thrones" and his upcoming movie with Adam Sandler.

Cinema Online interview with Peter Dinklage conducted at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore on 15 May 2014.

Bolivar Trask wants to destroy all humans with his Sentinels.

Q: What was it like working on the big budget blockbuster "X-Men: Days Of Future Past"?
Peter: Well, you can let it be intimidating and the first day, for me as an actor I was intimidated, nervous and forget what I'm doing. But then if it's good company, you kind of settle in and it's a lot of fun.

Is there any specific thing that helps you get over the nervousness?
You're only as good as the people you are working with... and alcohol [laughs].

In your recent roles like in "X-Men" and "Game Of Thrones" you're either the bad guy or anti-hero, so personally do you prefer playing the bad guy or the good guy?
Whatever feels authentic. If it's just there for a reason to serve the story or a plot then it's sort of boring to me. I feel like life is much greater than a hero or a villain, there's good people that sometimes make mistakes. That is what drives me to seek out the roles.

The fans in Singapore ecstatic to meet Dinklage.

Peter Dinklage with Fan Bing Bing and Hugh Jackman with Singapore Blue Carpet premiere hosts, Utt and Lim.

Dinklage poses with a poster of himself.

What is your theory on Trask's motives on getting rid of the mutants?
I think he's envious and there is a lot of self-loathing. He wishes he has all of their powers, but he doesn't, so he has to own it somehow. I think envy is one of the deadly sins right? Well, who's counting? [Laughs]

Before being approached for this character, did you have any character in mind that you we're thinking of playing?
Yeah, I thought I was going to be Wolverine. I heard Hugh was bowing out of the franchise to give me a chance. Seriously though, my agent told me that Bryan Singer wants to talk to you about the next "X-Men" movie, can he have your number? And I was like, 'Suuuuuure, yes he can." There was a brief time where I contemplated what role he wanted me to play, or perhaps he just wanted me to serve coffee, and then the call came.

Can you tell us if you have been signed on for future "X-Men" sequels?
Not at the moment. I'm waiting by the phone. Speaking of serving coffee, I wouldn't mind even doing that for the next one. Hint hint.

Apart from resuming filming for "Game Of Thrones", what will you be working on next?
As soon as I get back to Toronto, Cananda, I'm going to be doing a Adam Sandler comedy. I didn't want to bore myself with the same roles so when this comedy came along I was really excited. I've never met Adam Sandler, but we've been emailing each other. After this movie, only then I'll be filming the next season of "Game Of Thrones" which we'll start shooting in July.

In "Game Of Thrones" do any of the actors on the show get warned beforehand if you're going to die next?
A lot of people have read the books as with some of the actors, so it's never surprising to the actors. But I've not read the books at all. I'm one of those who can't read the books after they've seen the movie. I sort of want to be kept excited just like the next person who is watching the show. I applaud the readers who have not spoiled it for the others.

What do you think about the people who have spoiled the series for the others?
They are terrible, why would you do that! Everybody should have first-hand experience just like everyone else. Why ruin it for everyone else, it was a thrill for you it should be a thrill for everyone else.

"X-Men: Days Of Future Past" comes to cinemas this 22 May 2014.

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