Khir Rahman saddened by "Rock Bro"

Khir Rahman saddened by "Rock Bro"

"Rock Bro" main cast: Azmi Bahron, Pekin Ibrahim, Khir Rahman and Soffi Jikan.

The "Rock" trilogy has come to an end with the release of "Rock Bro", the newest and last instalment from director Mamat Khalid.

While the previous movies focused on the journey of rock band Rimba Bara as they strive for success in the world of rock and roll, the final movie is seen more from the point-of-view of Rimba Bara leader, Jijo.

The latest movie will bare their lives from the beginning until after they've found fame, where they also face various obstacles including political struggles and the changing landscape of the music industry then.

Khir Rahman, one of the "Rock Bro" main cast, stated that it was more than just a movie, it was a metaphor of and a tribute to the local rock scene.

During the movie's recent gala premiere, Cinema Online spoke to Khir Rahman, who fans will recognise as Jijo in "Rock Bro", and found out more about the movie.

Khir Rahman feels sad whenever he watches "Rock Bro".

Cinema Online: This is the third and final movie in the "Rock" series, what do you think of the movie "Rock Bro"?

Khir Rahman: The movie this time reveals what took place during the rise and fall of rock back then. Rock is something close to my heart. Based on the comments I received from them regarding "Rock" and "Rock Oo", a majority of our Rockers enjoy the Mamat Kahlid-helmed works and some even shed a tear or two thinking of their own struggles back in the days.

I've watched "Rock Bro" a number of times and every time I do, I will discover something new and feel sad because the story this time doesn't just showcases the fall of rock but also the past of the characters in the movie.

How is your character, Jijo, different in "Rock Bro"?

The Jijo character is "heavier" this time around, he is the pillar of the band and even the departure of Zack, Mat Piah and Zul Kapan does not break his spirit. If in the previous two movies he had been strong, in the third movie Jijo finally admits that he wants a normal life like everyone else. Personally, I am satisfied that Jijo's character is made the lead for this movie.

Was it difficult for you to change the characteristic of Jijo compared to the two previous movies?

Even though I am satisfied that Jijo is made the focus this time around, however it was harder for me to fully be immersed in the character, since this time around his dark side was revealed, very different from his charismatic leader-with-a-vision role previously. It was harder to play the character as it was based on a real-life person who was close to the director himself.

Some said that the movie's pacing is slower and it's harder to understand compared to the previous movies, what are your thoughts on that?

That is a normal thing for movies with a sequel or a prequel, because the movies can stand on their own with their storylines but for those who did not watch the first two movies, they don't really understand what's happening. While those who did, they will definitely understand that this is the ending to Rimba Bara's journey. Personally, I feel that the movie is slow but not because it is not good, but because it is more dramatic and personal. It will not bore you but will entertain instead.

What are your hopes for the movie?

I hope that this third movie will receive an even better reception than the first two movies. I am more confident since the second movie's grossing topped the first movie's, so it is not impossible for the third movie to top the second movie.

What are your future projects?

After this, I will release a new single with my band soon. Aside from that, I will also direct a 20-episode drama and a movie that will begin filming at the end of January next year.

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