Khalid Nadzri is satisfied with "Busut Bonang"

Khalid Nadzri is satisfied with "Busut Bonang"

Donnie Yen poses with a wooden dummy after signing it.
It doesn't matter to Khalid Nadzri that his film doesn't have huge names behind it.

Seeing as movies in the horror and comedy genres are still popular in our local film industry, director and producer Khalid Nadzri has taken the initiative to create his newest movie, "Busut Bonang".

According to Khalid, "Busut Bonang" teaches the audience important lessons, while remaining an entertaining comedy.

Before this, Khalid had directed the controversial film "Coverina", led by Pekin Ibrahim and Siti Elizad as the main characters.

Cinema Online met Khalid at the recent gala premiere for "Busut Bonang", which was held in mmCineplexes eCurve, Damansara.

Read on for our interview with Khalid Nadzri.

Khalid poses with the main cast of "Busut Bonang": Aloy Paradoks, Jasper Supayah
and Nadzmi Adhwa.

Cinema Online: How did the idea for the movie come about?

Khalid: The idea to make the movie started with our scriptwriter, Siti Jasmina Ibrahim, helped along by one of the main actors, Aloy Paradoks. In the end, it was Aloy that made the story into a "fairy tale" of sorts.

After receiving the movie title from Jasmina, I was intrigued because it would make the audience ponder about what its true meaning is. Many people think that this is a Negeri Sembilan movie but it's actually not.

'Bonang' is one of the musical instruments used in a 'gamelan'. Even though I didn't intend it, the story had teachable lessons woven into it as I was working on it. Besides just being entertaining, it also offers sardonic commentary on a society rife with mystical beliefs.

How long did scriptwriting take, and how did you select the cast?

We didn't take a long time, only two months. I felt at ease because Jasmina and Aloy would often burn the midnight oil to finish their script. When it came to casting, I overlooked it myself. I knew Nadzmi from his work in dramas, and I've seen his level of self-discipline. I chose Jasper after watching his audition tape and started to get to know him better after that. When it came to the others, I knew them from our time together at ASWARA.

Why were you happy to work with actors that weren't necessarily commercial?

The point was to create my film, while adapting their acting styles to suit it. If people like it, Alhamdulillah, but if not, that would be my fault. If I could, I would have pushed harder, but I was worried we'd be going overboard. However, I'm very pleased with the final product now.

What challenges did you face while directing?

My main struggle was incorporating elements of both horror and comedy into the movie. It wasn't the easiest for me to meld the two - making a movie that was scary, yet could make the audience laugh. Luckily, the cast was always a big help and ensured that production ran smoothly and on schedule.

Were any big scenes cut from the final movie?

There were a few dialogue cuts, but nothing that affected the flow of the story.

Did you set a revenue target this movie?

Like all directors, I always hope for the best with my movie. I didn't set a specific goal and I'm going to leave it all up to God. No matter the profit, what's important is that we all did our best and put our hearts in our work.

Can you tell us about your next project?

Right now, I'm not working on any new projects. I have plans to direct more movie, but my heart has always been in comedy. We'll be waiting for the reactions and reviews "Busut Bonang" gets, and if the consensus is good, Insya-Allah there will be more to come in the future.

Don't miss out on watching "Busut Bonang" – playing at your nearest cinema since 19 December!

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