Aaron Kwok Came To Town!

Aaron Kwok Came To Town!

26 April - Sauntering into the press conference room dressed in a white sleeveless t-shirt and white pants, Aaron Kwok was all of the superstar that he is during the press conference held at the JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur on 26 April 2005. The star was in town to promote his latest movie "Divergence" along with director Benny Chan and co-stars Angelica Lee Sinje and Gallen Lo.

Playing a cop by the name of Suen in the movie, Aaron has a charming appeal about him that has so far projected itself not only on screen but in person as well. The press conference started with questions by the MC before the press was allowed to ask their own questions concerning the movie to any of the present stars as well the director.

Talking about the movie, Benny said that Aaron did an excellent job with his role as Suen. "Better than I expected," he said of Aaron's acting. "Because I believe there's only so much I can teach an actor, it depends on the person playing the role to produce good results. It also depends on the cooperation of the team."

When asked whether he was trying to make the movie more of a human drama or police action movie, Benny said, "This movie is about making choices, how choices can be heartfelt and how making decisions all depends on the situation and your feeling at a certain point."

Aaron talked about his exciting action scene with Daniel Wu, which included an adrenalin-pumping chase through the streets of Hong Kong and a fight scene in a market. "There is a scene where I had to jump out from the window on to the road and then run down a pedestrian walk. It was very dangerous," Aaron recalled.

"The director was very anxious and we took a lot of takes for the scene. Daniel and I had to jump and run a lot of times. In fact, I couldn't sleep that night thinking about how I was going have to run the next day! I got so tired that I felt like vomiting! In fact I had to ask for an hour break during the shoot. I still felt like vomiting after but I just drank a lot of water and did the scene anyway."

Benny piped up saying, "Daniel and Aaron thought we could do that scene in one or two takes, but we ended up having to do more than 20 takes for that scene."

Malaysian-born Angelica Lee didn't have any crazy action scenes in the movie but she was happy with her role as well. "This is the first time I'm doing a dual role in a movie so it's special and difficult as well. Luckily, a lot of people who have seen the ending believed in my acting so I think it's a success. I played Aaron Kwok's girlfriend in one role and Cheng E-kin's wife in the other. To me, being Cheng E-kin's wife is a challenge because I had to be a mom with two kids and I've never been a mom before. It's hard to act with children because they don't realise they are acting and treat whatever is happening around them for real."

After the press conference, the lot headed over to Berjaya Times Square for a meet-the-fans session where a huge crowd of screaming fans who had been waiting for their favourite stars' arrival greeted them. The fans' meet ended around 9pm after the stars autographed the large poster set up in the concourse for that purpose.

"Divergence" opens in Malaysian cinemas on 28 April 2005