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Returning Back To The Basics With "Mukhsin"

Writer: Adele Ng

7 July After two very successful films ("Sepet" and "Gubra"), Yasmin Ahmad unveils yet another upcoming film "Mukhsin". A pre-sequel of her previous films, "Mukhsin" tells a tale about innocence and first love.

"Mukhsin" sees the return of some of our favourite characters from Yasmin's previous films such as Pak Atan, Mak Inom, Kak Yam and Orked. Yes, all these characters make a come back but this time they return as younger versions of themselves.

In this film, Orked is 10 years old and when a new boy (played by new comer Mohd Syafie Naswip) arrives in her village with his aunt and brother, the two hit it off well during a game of galah panjang and soon after become good friends. Yasmin however warns that "Mukhsin" is a small film that is narrative-driven and that there are no deep meanings in any of the characters.

The mix in cultures that we see in "Sepet" and "Gubra" return as "Mukhsin" opens with Orked, played by Sharifah Aryana (10-year-old sister of Sharifah Amani) stands up in a classroom and says "xie xie, lao shi" ("Thank you teacher" in Mandarin).

As explained in Yasmin's blog about "Mukhsin", "I try to examine one common and uncomfortable human experience: What happens when your very best friend - someone with whom you've been learning to do cool best-friend things like climbing trees, flying kites, riding bicycles and even getting into fights with other kids - starts to develop romantic notions about you?"

This dilemma along with childhood memories of what it was like to once be young is demonstrated in the film. And at the end of the film, we might even come to a realization that the film draws out a portion of our childhood memories that we just can't ever forget.

"Mukhsin" will be in cinemas at the end of the year.

Cinema Online, 07 July 2006