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Coliseum KL Reopens with Sivaji after 2-week Closure for Renovation

Writer: Lim Chang Moh

14 Jun - The venerable Coliseum Cinema in Kuala Lumpur reopened with a bang today after a two-week closure for renovations. With long queues seen at the premises this afternoon, the cinema management told Cinema Online that all tickets for the Tamil blockbuster Sivaji The Boss were sold out early this evening.

Cinema Manager Sofie Babu said the Coliseum was closed on 29 May for maintenance and repairs to its seats, toilets and other facilities. "We reopened for the blockbuster Sivaji tonight and I am glad that both the 9pm and midnight shows were sold out."

Sofie said Sivaji will be shown in the regular 35mm format and as such there was no need for any installations to be done to their projectors.

This was the second time in two years that the Coliseum closed its doors for repairs. On 2 October last year, it closed for renovations to its air-conditioning system and reopened in time for the Deepa-Raya holidays on 21 October, showing the blockbuster "Godfather" (or "Varalaru").

This time around, it reopened in time for what is arguably the biggest Tamil movie of the year – Sivaji The Boss. Since the early Sixties, the Coliseum KL had been a premier location for Indian movies. Today, it is still living up to its reputation.

Cinema Online, 14 June 2007