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Cathay Cineplex offers local taste in Popcorn

Writer: Pamela June

6 Mar – Tired of the usual sweet caramel popcorn in cinemas? Cathay Cineplex is introducing their new 'Salty Popcorn' this month.

The salty popcorn does not have that sweet caramel flavouring. There is no taste of butter and so on, but just the pure salty taste that many local patrons prefer.

"We want to offer more variety to our patrons and we may even offer other flavours in future," said Cathay Marketing Executive Samantha Surin when contacted by Cinema Online about their decision to introduce it.

Besides Malaysia, salted popcorn can also be found in Australia (manufactured by Cape Cod Potato Chip Co), the United States and Britain. These are microwave-baked salted popcorn. In Belleville, Canada, the cinemas offer buttered salted popcorn, and not merely salted popcorn.

Another Malaysian chain that offers Salty Popcorn is Golden Screen Cinemas. It had been sold in their 1 Utama and Mid Valley Megamall cineplexes since 23 June 2005 and 2 December 1999 respectively.

Cinema Online, 06 March 2007