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"Sivaji" Still Going Great Guns Despite "Transformers" Fever

Writer: Ezekiel Lee Zhiang Yang

"Sivaji" poster at GSC Mid Valley

29 Jun – While "Transformers" is the movie sensation this week, Tamil blockbuster "Sivaji: The Boss" is still going great guns, with many halls sold out at various cinemas both in the small towns and the Klang Valley.

Checks with cinema managers in the Klang Valley revealed that there are still many Rajinikanth fans clamouring to catch the movie.

A patron, who wished to remain anonymous, said he came all the way from Kajang to GSC Mid Valley for Sivaji tickets tonight because he could not get any tickets to the movie in Klang, Federal KL or Coliseum KL. Waving his prized ticket to this reporter, he said: "You won't stand a chance to get this ticket today, because I had been waiting for hours to get it!"

However, Coliseum cinema manager Sofie Babu told Cinema Online that although "Sivaji" is still doing well at his outlet, there should be tickets available during the weekdays. "We get full houses in the weekend," he said, adding that the movie will probably be showing for another two weeks to cater to the demand.

Mohd. Zaheer seen on the second screening day at Coliseum Ayub Khan doing the 'Rajni' sign beside his stall

Two roti canai makers from Section 17, Petaling Jaya, shared their "Sivaji" sentiments with Cinema Online. Speaking on the phone, Mohd. Zaheer said, "I'm currently based in Singapore but I'm so glad to have caught the show at Coliseum KL when it opened. Many of my friends have still not seen it because they are only free on weekends and that's when it's always a full house!"

Ayub Khan said "...this is 'Rajni', for an Indian it is very exciting to see this film. I have seen it and it's very, very good! I want to see it again but it's always so crowded."

"Sivaji: The Boss" opened nationwide on 15 June, amidst reports of unruly crowds causing damage to cinemas in Klang, Rawang and Coliseum KL.

Cinema Online, 30 June 2007

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