TV spinoff "Upin & Ipin" precedes movie proper

TV spinoff "Upin & Ipin" precedes movie proper

12 Sep – It may seem strange that a TV series spinoff is preceding the movie proper - but that's how ambitious and far-sighted the makers of upcoming animation movie "Geng: The Adventure Begins" are, as six-episode "Upin & Ipin" starts its run this Friday on TV9.

The two toddlers are characters in "Geng: The Adventure Begins" and bear a resemblance to character Jack Jack in Pixar animation "The Incredibles". Creative & Marketing Director Mohd. Nizam of production house Les' Copaque offered, "We don't want to make a one-off thing and then just let the effort fade as a standalone movie. We want to make this an ongoing project with limitless possibilities." Technical & Production Director Mohd. Safwan added, "We are going to market this in the ex-Soviet countries in Europe even, so we definitely hope that Malaysians will warm up to this because it's an effort which is tailored for global appeal, although based on local content."

They were present at the official launching of the TV series and press announcement of "Upin & Ipin" and "Geng: The Adventure Begins" respectively.

First look at "Geng: The Adventure Begins" and "Upin & Ipin" A scene from the first episode of "Upin & Ipin" where the twins learn about puasa (fasting) as an Islamic practice

"Geng: The Adventure Begins", or its alternative title, "Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula", is about strange occurrences that scare the residents of Kampong Durian Runtuh. Stories tell of a beast lurking in the forest at night but nobody dares to find out what it is until Badrol and Lim stumble onto the heart of the mystery itself. The two boys, together with their newfound friends, Rajoo the animal whispering boy, Ros the village beauty, and the mischievous twins, Upin and Ipin, embark on a journey of adventure and mystery.

The film is slotted for distribution by Peppermint Asia Sdn. Bhd. across Asia and Europe and is supported by Ministry Of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

Question and answer session with (L-R) Animation Director Mohd. Usamah Zaid, Creative & Marketing Director Mohd. Nizam and Technical & Production Director Mohd. Safwan (L-R) Mr. Olive Rollar of distributor Peppermint Asia, Mr. Fuad of production house SAYMOHM, Datuk Narayanan Kanan of Multimedia Development Corporation (MdeC), Burhanuddin Md Radzi of Les' Copaque and Tuan Haji of TV9.

"Geng: The Adventure Begins" a.k.a "Geng: Misteri Hantu Durian" is being planned for nationwide release in the middle of next year while shoot-off TV series "Upin & Ipin" airs on TV9 this Friday7.30pm.

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