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"Red Cliff" Filming Put On Hold

Writer: Jill Khoo

13 Jun – The "Red Cliff" crew and cast members suffered a dreadful event last Monday when they lost one of their stuntmen and six of their other crew were injured.

The accident occurred at 3am during a shoot, which involved two burning ships colliding into one another. High winds had caused the burning flames to engulf both ships. The crew of "Red Cliff" were deeply distraught and every effort is now being made to make arrangements for the deceased and the injured ones. Director John Woo received the news while he was in Hong Kong promoting the first part of "Red Cliff". Upon hearing the news, Woo rushed back to Beijing to review the situation.

As devastating as it is, this accident has not yet affected the release date for "Red Cliff 1", as it was already finished and the shooting was for "Red Cliff Part 2". The filming of "Red Cliff Part 2" will have to be put on hold until further notice. Golden Screen Cinemas, the distributor for the "Red Cliff" movies in Malaysia assures us that Part 1 will be released on schedule – 31 July 2008.
Cinema Online, 13 June 2008