'Cock' In The Bottle

'Cock' In The Bottle

Raja Azmi: "Anu Dalam Botol" may be controversial but it is loaded with a valuable message

18 Sep – Well-known for her over-hyped works previously ("Black Widow Wajah Ayu", "Cinta 100 Ela"), writer-producer Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman is set to rock the local movie scene once again with her upcoming drama, "Anu Dalam Botol". The film centres on a transsexual who regrets the decision to remove his genitals to become a woman. The provoking title is to be directed by Shahdan Hashim, the same director of her previous 2007 film "Haru Biru".

The fourth venture by this wife of former national badminton player Jalani Sidek will stick to her trademark themes – sex, religion and love.

Enjoying the attention, Raja Azmi enthused that "Anu Dalam Botol" was inspired by the true story of a friend. "When he revealed his life experience, it occurred to me to script it. I've made some amendments on the story and its characters as requested by him, out of respect. Still, there will be a scene where the main character shows off his 'new' privates to the camera. I know this will create a racket and the movie will suffer major cuts but it's a very crucial to the story," she said.

"As a filmmaker, I should be honest and feel free to express myself. I must be bold enough to face the consequences of my actions. Cutting or banning my movie is their call (Censorship Board)," said Raja Azmi, rejecting the notion that her attempt to proceed with the film is showing contempt for the authorities.

"There will be a scene where the main character shows off his 'new' privates to the camera."
As to why she can never call it quits in producing one controversial flick after another, Raja Azmi explained that she enjoys the challenge. "I make films to fulfil my desires in filmmaking. Objections and criticisms don't offend me personally. I believe that when there are criticisms, it shows that people are paying attention. Regardless of the protests and mixed reviews, it actually encourages me to produce even more films."

The title "Anu Dalam Botol" refers to the genitals kept in a bottle after it is surgically removed. Despite the possible uproar over the movie, it is said to convey a valuable message - to be rational and not fooled by one's self-indulgence and desires, which will eventually lead to regret and dour consequences.

On casting the main character, Raja Azmi has listed a few candidates that includes Farid Kamil, Ashraf Muslim and Rosyam Nor among others, after her offer to singer Anuar Zain was turned down earlier due to the singer's tight schedule. The filming is scheduled to begin in February around Kuala Lumpur and is to be produced by her own production house, Pengedaran J.A.S, with a budget of RM1.5 million.