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Khan I be a Datuk too?

Writer: Wahiduzzaman

13 Oct – The Datukship conferred on Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in conjunction with Malacca Chief Minister Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob 70th birthday on 11 October 2008 has caused uproar among Malaysia artistes and they are to lobby against the controversial bestowment at FINAS (Malaysian National Film Development Corporation) this afternoon at 3 p.m.

Director Ahmad Idham of "Jangan Pandang Belakang" fame, via phone conversation with Cinema Online, confirmed that a press conference today is seen as the proper and best channel to express their disagreement against the conferment.

Ahmad Idham: The picket is the only channel for us (Malaysian artistes) to voice out our dissent regarding the bestowment
"We're not provoking the authorities or any party here. The picket today is just a platform for us to show how we regret the situation. We just want to hear the reasons for honouring an international star like Shah Rukh Khan ahead of local artistes whom we feel deserve it better. I just hope that more artistes will join the picket today to show the strong bond we have."

Shah Rukh Khan is conferred the Datukship reportedly because of his efforts in promoting Malacca through his film "One Two Ka Four" shot in A Famosa Resort, Malacca few years back, among other reasons. Khan was among the 77 honorary recipients for the Darjah Seri Mulia Seri Melaka (DSMM), which carries the Datuk title.

Led by the president of Persatuan Seniman Malaysia, Dato' Mustapha Maarof and director Ahmad Idham, the picket will involve Malaysian artistes such as Rusdi Ramli, Dato' Jalaludin Hassan, veteran Datuk Aziz Sattar, Fauzi Nawawi and others.

Cinema Online, 13 October 2008