Mamat Khalid sees love in "Estet"

Mamat Khalid sees love in "Estet"

Mamat: " ‘Estet' means ‘love' to me."
27 Jun – Famous for his comedic touch in his flicks, hailed director Mamat Khalid is back with his latest comedy piece "Estet", which mainly focuses on multiracial, multicultural living and unity among the Malay and Indian community in an estate.

When asked how he would define "Estet" in a word, the Perak-born writer-director took a deep a breath before he responded. The first word he uttered was ‘love'. Elaborating, Mamat said "Estet" means a lot to him, as his debut film under his own company Naga VXS, and the story of "Estet" itself centres on love and relationships among family members, friends and neighbours. The theme of love was picked by Mamat as the core of "Estet", with touches of comedy here and there.

Mamat Khalid getting inspiration
He further elaborated that the film was a real test for him personally as it is his obligation to make the movie a success. Some close friends and the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) who believe in Mamat's credibility entrusted him with a hefty loan just to make "Estet" a reality.

Speaking at the interview during Cinema Online's visit at the shooting set in Kruda Estate, Padang Rengas, Perak recently (24 June), Mamat confirmed that the film will be wrapped by the end of this month and is targeting for a general release date of 25 December 2008 or around Chinese New Year 2009.

One of the scenes shot late in the afternoon

The "Estet" team is all set for the film's success
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