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Yasmin Hani in first lead role for "Gentayangan"

Writer: Wahiduzzaman

Yasmin Hani talks about all the scary things that happened during filming

9 Jun – At last bubbly and chirpy TV host-cum-actress Yasmin Hani gets a chance to be the lead actress for the first time in the upcoming local mystic horror flick "Gentayangan". Yasmin Hani Richardson, affectionately known as Hani, believes that the film is a great platform for her to boost her acting career.

Although she has acted in three movies before including "Bilut" (2006), "Cicak-Man" (2006) and earlier this year in "Duyung", the opportunity to play the lead only came to her now. According to Hani, she was so delighted when she was asked to act in the film, and getting the lead role was the icing on the cake. "Gentayangan" is helmed by experienced director Zulkiflie M. Osman.

When Cinema Online caught up with her at the shooting location in Serom Panggung, Muar, Johor on Saturday (June 7), Hani further explained that her character Rahila is a sweet, shy and quiet young student who joins her friends Risham (played by Rusdi Ramli), Kaher (by Hasnul Rahmat) and Sabrina (played by newcomer Lana Nordin) for a vacation in Risham's village. However, their vacation at the village unveiled a deep, dark secret that was kept hidden for a long time. Speaking of her experience during filming, she admitted that acting in this movie has given her a revelation as she challenged herself to perform some of the stunts on her own apart from the usual creepy experience at the location on which she refused to elaborate.

(L-R): The cast Yasmin Hani, Hasnul Rahmat, director Zulkiflie M. Osman and producer Datuk Dr. Zubir Yahya during the press conference

Some behind-the-scenes preparation before filming began

Rusdi Ramli waiting patiently for his scene

Director Zulkiflie M. Osman instructing during rehearsals

A scene from "Gentayangan"

Three times a lady (L-R): Shira Iskandar, Yasmin Hani and Lana Nordin

Newcomer Datuk Dr. Zubir Yahya, an entrepreneur who owns the film production company Second Life Pictures Sdn Bhd, produces the film. The horror flick, which deals with evil spirits and black magic, was the brainchild of experienced writer Shahriman Wahap with several film scripts under his belt.

The cast and stars of "Gentayangan" include Rusdi Ramli, Nasir Bilal Khan, Abu Bakar Omar, Yasmin Hani, Hasnul Rahmat and Lana Nordin. The film is about 50% completed and the CGI process will commence in July. The movie is expected for wide release in February next year.

Cinema Online, 09 June 2008