"40 million? In empty seats, maybe!"

"40 million? In empty seats, maybe!"

One of the many "2 Alam" advertisements that can be seen at Cathay Damansara last night.

21 Oct – The heavily self-promoted Malaysian curio "2 Alam" by Kedahan businessman Rozmey Che Din was finally unveiled to the press as part of last night's 23rd Malaysian Film Festival launch at e@Curve, and was roundly met with deafening wolf whistles and sarcastic cheer by local pressmen.

The film had earlier caused much controversy, one for the outrageous and incendiary comments on social media by producer Rozmey who boasted a target gross of RM 40 million at the box office despite not having secured a release date (then), and two, for harsh exchanges between the local pressmen and the producer which was published in the media in recent weeks.

Due to intense curiosity regarding the highly publicised movie, tickets ran out within half an hour of release by the organisers.

According to a local scriptwriter who wished to remain anonymous, the film was "completely rubbish", while others roundly dismissed it as a low quality production that does not match expectations, to put it mildly. A local filmmaker quipped: "40 million? In empty seats, maybe!"

The movie, titled "Transverse" in English, stars Aaron Aziz, Khir Mohd Nor, Kuswadinata, Nazim Shah, Faizal Hussein, Rosnah Johari, Royady Madada, Adrea Abdullah and Yank Kassim. It is a drama about mysterious problems surrounding the Islamic burial of a transsexual who had committed suicide.

"2 Alam" opens 18 November 2010 in Malaysia. No known release for Singapore has been announced."

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