Aniu: "Sorry, Elanne!"

Aniu: "Sorry, Elanne!"

Aniu plays Daniel and Elanne Kwong, Tina, in the upcoming rom-com "The Wedding Diary"

23 Apr – Aniu coyly apologised to his co-star Elanne Kwong, for being picked by producers to play her leading man in upcoming rom-com "The Wedding Diary".

In a press conference at Miramar Hotel Singapore on 21 April to announce the start of principle photography for the Malaysian-Singaporean joint production, the "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" singer-actor, adored for his charm rather than his looks, was asked to comment on his starring role in the movie and he said: "I don't know... They pick me (producers)... I also don't know why they take me. Sorry Elanne, so sorry they pick[ed] me." said Aniu to a blushing Elanne Kwong ("The Child's Eye").

The duo will star alongside multi-award winning Hong Kong actress Kara Hui a.k.a. Wai Ying Hung ("At The End of Daybreak", "A Chinese Ghost Story"), who will play Elanne's mother, along with Jack Choo, Marcus Chin, Maggie Theng, Shaun Chen and Chris Tong, who were also present during the conference.

(from left) Aniu, Kara Hui, Adrian Teh and Elanne Kwong

The movie is written by Rebecca Leow and will be directed by Malaysian filmmaker Adrian Teh ("Lelio Popo"). The story follows Daniel (Aniu), an engineer from a humble Malaysian Hokkien family, and Tina (Elanne Kwong) a beauty from a wealthy Singaporean Cantonese family who decides to get hitched. What ensues is then a hilarious set of problems involving both their families and the countless arising differences between the Singaporean, Malaysian, and also Hokkien and Cantonese cultures.

"I'm excited and absolutely love the story on the project. The idea of marriage is lovely, but the rituals that come along with it are a handful for couples to overcome. We've decided to put a comedy treatment into the story and gather an attractive cast to participate in this project" said the Penang-born director.

The movie is produced by Clover Films, Golden Screen Cinemas, One Tree Holdings, Mega Cineplex, and also Asia Tropical Films.

Filming will commence in Singapore and then to Penang in May 2011, with theatrical release slated for November 2011. The movie will be distributed by Golden Village Pictures in Singapore and Golden Screen Cinemas in Malaysia.