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RM 5 mil for "Hantu Bonceng"

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

Juliana Evans and Zizan Razak star in "Hantu Bonceng".

7 Sep – Ahmad Idham's horror-comedy latest effort "Hantu Bonceng", has managed to collect RM 5 million nationwide in only 5 days of its release making the movie the highest grossing local film during the Raya-Merdeka holiday period, confirms a press statement recently released by production house Excellent Pictures.

The film saw its release last 31 August across 80 cinemas in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. It is reported that more than 500, 000 people had watched the Zizan Razak and Juliana Evans film at the cinemas based on the box office count that commence since the film opened until last Sunday, 4 September.

The statement also added that director Ahmad Idham thanked audiences for their support to make local waves in our film industry including the media and the cast of "Hantu Bonceng".

"To everyone who has not yet seen the film, "Hantu Bonceng" is a film where you can head to the cinemas with your family during this Aidilfitri month. The movie is a light comedy that has a message that sheds light on the importance of relationships between friends and also family."

"Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to audiences and fans of the film and hope the movie will receive their continued support to make sure that "Hantu Bonceng" is a local product that we can be proud of," Ahmad Idham was quoted as saying.

Apart from Zizan Razak and Juliana Evans, "Hantu Bonceng" also stars Jue Aziz, Taiyuddin Bakar, Dottie and Zahid AF.

Cinema Online, 07 September 2011