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Mr. Bean survives accident

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

8 Aug – British comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson aka. Mr. Bean narrowly escaped death in a car accident near Cambridgeshire, UK, when he lost control of his McLaren sports car, which crashed into a tree and eventually caught on fire, according to a report by USA Today.

Atkinson lost control and crashed his McLaren sports car (pictured above) into a tree, which consequently caught on fire.

The 56-year-old suffered a shoulder injury and was reported to have walked away from the vehicle that caught on fire until emergency help arrived at the scene.

Atkinson's agent Peter Bennett-Jones commented that Atkinson was driving home after working on his latest film "Johnny English Reborn", in which he plays an English spy.

Bennett-Jones added, "He suffered a painful shoulder injury. He was in pain and had some painkillers and stayed in hospital because obviously he didn't have a car to get home. It is nothing more serious than that. The car has been taken back to his home and I'm sure he will want to get it repaired straight away."

It was reported that a police spokesman confirmed that Atkinson had to undergo routine breathalyser tests and added that criminal charges were not imposed, suggesting that Atkinson was not driving under the influence (DUI).

"Johnny English Reborn" will come to Malaysian and Singaporean cinemas this 15 September.

Cinema Online, 08 August 2011