Tom Cruise takes We Mortals Are

Tom Cruise takes We Mortals Are

Tom Cruise is accepting more action-oriented roles.

2 Dec – Reports stated that the 49-year-old star of "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" has signed on for the lead role in "We Mortals Are", formerly known as "All You Need Is Kill", helmed by Doug Liman, according to Movie Web.

While a deal with the studio has not been officially signed, chances that Cruise will be involved are almost guaranteed as the award-winning actor has been seen in continued talks with Liman.

Liman himself is no amateur, and is best known for his work for "The Bourne Identity", "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", "Jumper" as well as "Fair Game".

"We Mortals Are" is actually based on the Japanese graphic novel titled "All You Need Is Kill". The story runs along the lines of "Groundhog Day", set in the future where alien blitzkriegs take place. Cruise plays a soldier in the war who finds himself his last day of being killed over and over again. However, the time loops also provides him with better training and experiences, through which he becomes a better soldier.

Sources say that the decision to cast Cruise in the role was because Warner Bros.' president, Jeffrey Robinov, had always wanted a big star, although the script called for a younger actor. The studio has already had the script rewritten to make the character fit Tom Cruise's age.

Apparently Cruise himself liked the script so much that he met up with Liman while he was shooting Paramount and Skydance's next movie, "One Shot" to discuss about the role.

Insiders added that "Horizons" will be Cruise's next movie, and if scheduling issues are sorted out, the production will begin sometime in March.

"We Mortals Are" is expected to arrive in theaters in 2013.

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