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Of Westerns & Witches

Writer: Anne Jamaludin

Jeff Bridges (R) and Matt Damon in "True Grit"

10 Jan – Western drama "True Grit" took top spot at the North American box office, ending the reign of "Little Fockers" over a quiet start to 2011 while the new nationwide release, Nicolas Cage horror "Season Of The Witch" posted modest results for the weekend just gone (6-9 Jan), according to Box Office Mojo.

"True Grit" will open in Singapore and Malaysia this 24 February 2011 under United International Pictures, the first of three westerns this year under the studio, the other two being "Rango" and "Cowboys And Aliens".

The tracker site also reported that "Season Of The Witch" conjured an estimated US$10.7 million in its opening weekend, making more in two days than the "The Last Legion" did in its entire run.

It also was not the lowest point of star Nicolas Cage's career, opening higher than recent lows like "The Wicker Man", "Bangkok Dangerous" and "Next".

Similarly, "Season Of The Witch" was the widest release in Malaysia over the weekend with "Paranormal Activity 2" doing well at the cinemas despite the delayed release.

Nicolas Cage as a crusader having to escort a girl, accused of witchcraft in "Season Of The Witch"

Inexplicable supernatural horrors in "Paranormal Activity 2"

Lesser releases that debuted over the weekend in Malaysia include "Nagavalli", "The Song Of Sparrows" and "Aridhu Aridhu".

New releases and sneak shows in Singapore over the weekend include "All Good Things", "No One Killed Jessica", "SAW VII (also in 3D), "Kinako: Police Dog Dream", "The Fighter", "Love And Other Drugs", "Centurion", "The Ghost Must Be Crazy" and "The Last Days Of Emma Blank".

Box office takings for the weekend just gone (6 – 9 Jan)
1) Season Of The Witch
2) The Tourist
3) Gulliver's Travels
4) Paranormal Activity 2
5) Damping Malam
6) Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah
7) Tron Legacy
8) Meet The Parents: Little Fockers
9) My Ex: Haunted Lover
10) Manmadhan Ambu
1) The Ghosts Must Be Crazy
2) The Tourist
3) Love and Other Drugs
4) Gulliver's Travels
5) The Fighter
6) Meet The Parents: Little Fockers
7) Saw 3D
8) Centurion
9) Yogi Bear
10) Tron Legacy

Cinema Online, 10 January 2011

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