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Thor in Malaysia?

Writer: Anne Jamaludin

Catch the mighty THOR when he makes at an appearance at selected cinemas near you!

22 Apr – With the upcoming superhero blockbuster "Thor" opening at cinemas on 28 April, movie fans will be able to grab the opportunity to meet and take pictures with the God of Thunder when the character makes an appearance at the selected TGV and GSC cinemas in Klang Valley, as announced by both cinemas' social media page Facebook as well as Twitter quite recently.

Following are the scheduled appearances of "Thor" and therefore, movie fans will be able to catch the character live for photo opportunities at the designated cinema premises:



Date & Time Of Appearance


23 Apr (Sat, 4pm & 9pm)

GSC Midvalley

24 Apr (Sun, 2pm & 5pm)


30 Apr (Sat, 1pm)

GSC 1Utama

30 Apr (Sat, 8pm)

GSC Tropicana City Mall

1 May (Sun, 4pm & 7pm)

TGV Sunway Pyramid

7 May (Sat, 4pm & 9pm)

GSC Midvalley

8 May (Sun, 2pm & 5pm)


Cinema Online, 22 April 2011