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Amanda Seyfried as Lovelace

Writer: Nurul Yezid

Seyfried as the 'skin flick' star, Linda Lovelace

5 May – Amanda Seyfried, known for her blonde locks, sultry look and piercing blue eyes looks unrecognizable as she emulates Linda Lovelace, the late pornographic actress in the upcoming flick aptly named "Lovelace".

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the "Mama Mia!" and "Dear John" actress is seen in a new poster for the movie which captures the star in a different look with a 70s style allure.

Although the movie itself boasts a lot of big stars such as James Franco (who plays Hugh Hefner), Sarah Jessica Parker (as Gloria Steinem) and Sharon Stone (as Dorothy Boreman), it was Seyfried alone who was chosen to be on the poster.

Set for late 2012 release in U.S., the biopic would be based on Lovelace's life, which amongst others explores the conspiracy that Lovelace was forced at gunpoint by her then husband to act in "Deep Throat"; the porn flick she is notoriously synonymous with today.

A release date for "Lovelace" in Malaysia and Singapore is yet to be confirmed at time of publication.

Cinema Online, 05 May 2012